Welcome To Ami's Animal Training!


Welcome to Ami's Animal Training!

A well trained pet, is a happy pet! (And makes for happy owners, too!)  

Training should be FUN and ENJOYABLE for ALL involved! It is a great way to build on your relationship with your pet, and it's never too early or too late to start training. 

My training techniques have be used on everything from dolphins to dogs! 

I have helped dogs with barking issues, parrots with separation anxiety and boredom, and even train a cat to use a human toilet instead of a litter box. Training can be a great way to enrich the life of any animal!

 Look for Ami as an Animal Expert on the TV show 

"Xploration Animal Science" 

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We are BACK! 

NEW!!!! Ever considered Board-n-Train? How about Agility? Please email me if you are interested!


Puppy Kindergarten, Agility Training, Personalized in-home Training and so much more!!

Sign up today! 

Check out the Puppy Kindergarten pictures and all of my doggie clients!


Check out my articles for Z Living at zliving.com

There all all kinds of tips and pointers on keeping both your pet and yourself happy and healthy! 



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